Technological advances 2018

Robots con inteligencia artificial

The undisputed star of the fair is artificial intelligence, which combines algorithms, softwares and sensors to, for example, facilitate household chores. This technology is integrated into LG robots, such as CLOi, which, activated by voice command, can help you make purchases until you move a suitcase. Another innovation was the robot, which, thanks to an intelligent vision system, manages to play Scrabble with an opponent.

A television that simulates a wall

The microLED technology in televisions did not go unnoticed at the fair. Samsung introduced The Wall, a 146-inch TV with modular technology that is literally a wall for its almost invisible thickness, and allows the user to shrink or enlarge the screen at ease without damaging the quality of the image. In addition, it has integrated artificial intelligence, which makes it possible to transform a low quality content to an 8K resolution.

An electronic sticker

The technology applied to health for personal use is gaining more and more ground. The firm La Roche-Posay presented a kind of tiny electronic sticker that is applied to the skin to measure UV rays and prevent dermatological diseases. It measures 2 mm by 9 mm. It can be applied on a nail, arm, or any part of the body that is exposed to the sun. Through an application available for iOS and Android transmits information to care for the skin and is reusable.

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